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ZSPCA History

The history of present Zanzibar Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZSPCA) was start since 1930s where first established by colonial under the supervision of.. Read More..

ZSPCA Vision

The vision of ZSPCA is “to have Zanzibar local community with high sustainable development, animal cruelty and environmental degradation reduced for 75% by 2020”

ZSPCA Mission

The mission of ZSPCA is “to prevent cruelty to animals, protection of environment and improving life standard of local community by providing humane education..Read More..

ZSPCA Objectives

Prevention of cruelty to animals and improving animal’s welfare in Zanzibar, through... Read More..

Environmental Conservation and improving local community resilience to Climate Change, through...Read More..

Promoting Local Community Development and improving livelihood condition, through...Read More..

Management Organs of ZSPCA

The management of Zanzibar Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals consists of the following organs:-
* General Meeting
* Board of Trustees
* Executive Committee
* Society Departments
> Animal Welfare Improvement Department,
> Environmental Conservation Department,
> Local Community Development Department,
> Fundeaising and Resource Mobilization Department.

ZSPCA Staff & Members

Mr. Makame H. Mlenge


Mr. Kombo M. Kombo

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Ali A. Juma

Founder & Executive Director

Ms. Amina S. Haji

Deputy Executive Director

Ms. Fatma K. Mohd


Mr. Hassan H. Hassan


Ms. Kazija K. Mwinyishehe

Head of Animal Welfare Improvement Department

Mr. Khamis Z. Juma

Head of Fundraising and Resource Mobilization Department

Mr. Adam R. Rajab

Head of Environmental Conservation Department

Mr. Hamid H. Haji

Head of Local Community Development Department

Ms. Mariam R. Haji

Office Attendant

Mr. Masoud A. Masoud


Mr. Moh'd I. Hassan


Mr. Mohammed K. Haji


Mr. Haji M. Ahmed


Mr. Khamis K. Haji


ZSPCA Board of Trustee`

Ms. Jamie Sickles

ZSPCA Goodwill Ambassador & Member of Board of Trustee

Chairperson of K-9 Global, USA.

Dr. Ali Makame Ussi

Member of Board Of Trustee

Tutor at State University of Zanzibar (SUZA)

Mr. Rashid Khamis Ali

Member of Board of Trustee

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Ms. Fatma Ali Khamis

Member of Board of Trustee

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Please find some of Testimonials from different peoples who talking about our services we provided to local communities

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